Positive Feedback

"Crystal is a knowledgeable, grounded, caring and inspiring teacher!  In my workshop with Crystal I felt held and supported the whole way through.  You can feel that her teachings are based on a deep understanding and her own strong personal practice.  Her gentleness is passed on to the participants and make her classes and workshops a restoring and heart opening experience.  I was deeply touched and inspired by the love and devotion radiating from her."  - Tara 


"Crystal is a powerful energy neutralizer - when I took her workshop, she transformed the space into one with utmost safety.  You can feel her dedication and devotion...one of the most nurturing classes of my life - learn from her!" - Sydney  


"Very sweet practice! Her yoga and meditation class was soft and nurturing.  Crystal led us through a deep heart based meditation, gentle asana practice where we were guided through our chakras and a wonderful yoga nidra.  Crystal has a sweetness to her that softens the heart and mind.  I left feeling calm, restored and very cared for." - Rebekah


"I arrived physically and emotionally depleted, but I am leaving refreshed and restored. The retreat workshop with Crystal was a wonderful blessing of resting in a tranquil environment to connect with nature and the work we did together allowed me to remember the truth of who I really am. The ability to be in the present moment in these creative processes created a space for me to return to wholeness. It has been a wonderful experience for me, one that I will never forget." - Gena

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