Sisterhood Circles

A sister is a gift to the heart,

a friend to the spirit,

a golden thread to the meaning of life

-Isadora James

I offer Sisterhood Circles for girls ages 12 to 15 and 16 to early 20s in private homes, community centers, and hopefully sometime soon at my family's beautiful 5-acre property in Occidental, California.

Intentions of the circles:

  • To share in a safe space and be supported 

  • To empower each other to find our own unique voice and passions and stand in our truth

  • To engage in creative activities as a group such as music-making, singing, dancing, journaling and creative writing, art-making, and more as a means of expressing what lies within and discovering more about ourselves

  • To learn symbols and techniques from the Phyllis Krystal Method for cutting the ties to old conditioning and negative habits to allow for stronger intuitive guidance within

  • To practice visioning exercises for bringing a brighter future into existence

  • Coming of Age ceremonies to mark the transition into womanhood and taking our rightful places in the world

  • To learn how to stay centered and steady through life's ups and downs through yoga, tai chi, meditation, mantras, positive affirmations, creating a morning practice to start the day in a calm and intentional way, and much more

  • To learn how to nurture and take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as how to take care of this planet and powerful exercises for sending love and healing to others

  • Nature awareness activities to feel interconnected with all living things and the cycles of life

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