As far back as I can remember, my life has always had a spiritual focus. Some of my earliest memories are of lying in bed at night as a young girl of 3 or 4 years old pondering the purpose of life, what exactly I'm here to do, what happens when we die, and what is God/Source? This set the course of my life as a seeker of a greater understanding of who we truly are and what we're here to do in these lives. It has also been part of my life's journey to experience loss in many forms and frequent periods of transition where my external comfort zone has been removed and I've been given the opportunity time and time again to go inward for stability and higher guidance. It is a constant practice but I have learned that we cannot rely on external circumstances, places, people, or supports for our joy and fulfillment. We can absolutely enjoy and appreciate the people and things in our lives but I've learned that the true higher goal is to be content, balanced and happy under ALL circumstances regardless of how our minds label things as good or bad, pleasurable or painful, liked or disliked. 

Now I see that when something or someone is taken from our lives or we're going through an extremely challenging time, it is a beautiful opportunity to cultivate deeper insight, inner clarity and strength, a greater capacity for love and empathy, and surrendering into the flow of the higher plan for our lives. When we're able to do this and fully release anything that's keeping us stuck in the past, new doors open and this creates space for wonderful new experiences and people to come into our lives to move us forward aligned with our highest good. 

These are all lessons that my grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, learned throughout her life as well and the method she devoted her life to helps us do this very assists us in releasing old negative conditioning and pain and anything that's not who we truly are so that we can be free to follow our own inner connection with higher consciousness. In living this way, we can begin cultivating steady happiness in ALL circumstances without getting tossed around by the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

My grandmother kept her work separate from family life when I was growing up and trusted that if I or my brother were interested in learning about it, that we would naturally in our own timing gravitate towards it. This happened for me when I was about 20 years old in the late 1990s and attending university. My grandmother took me to India with her for almost one month and that's when she really started introducing me to this method. I also spent a lot of time with her while she was living in Europe beginning in 2006 visiting, working together, and traveling with her to various seminars she was teaching. At the time, many people asked me if I would carry on her work after she passed. I always responded with, "No, I use the work myself and am very grateful for it but that's not my path to teach it". 

So over these last 20 years, I have studied many healing modalities and spiritual paths while continuing to use my grandmother's method. I have one main spiritual teacher/guru but I resonate with the universal teachings of many saints, sages, masters and spiritual guides and I believe that the Divine presents itself in many, many different forms and all are facets of the same universal Spirit. I have taught various classes and workshops with all ages and all walks of life in the USA, Europe, Japan, South America, and Canada. I've been fortunate to have traveled the world and have lived in many different settings in different countries including ashrams, spiritual communities, off-grid in the forest, and in big bustling cities. I have also been fortunate to have studied with some true experts in their fields. 

  • Studied directly with my grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, and aunt, Sheila Krystal, for over 20 years in the Phyllis Krystal Method including Cutting The Ties That Bind. This work is my lineage.

  • Registered Somatic Movement and Creative Arts Therapist through Tamalpa Insititute's movement-based creative arts therapy program (studied directly with the co-founders Anna Halprin and her daughter Daria Halprin)

  • Registered yoga and meditation instructor RYS-200 through Annutara in northern BC, Canada

  • Trained directly with the creator and founder of Biophoton Therapy, Johan Boswinkel, in this method of energy healing

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of California, San Diego

  • I also have training in tai chi, tarot, dance, music, performance and many other modalities

Where I'm At Now

I always enjoyed teaching very much but all the while, I had a sense that I was holding different pieces of the puzzle but couldn't yet see how they all fit together. I was working with others typically using one modality at a time and it always felt incomplete. Then in December of 2016, my grandmother passed at the age of 102. This along with another major life event a month later turned my whole world upside down and it finally gave me more clarity. With my heart broken wide open and my ego more surrendered, I began to see how all the pieces fit together into a greater whole. I now know that the work I'm being given in this life is the great privilege of carrying on my grandmother's legacy but in my own unique way by incorporating movement, music, writing, art, ritual and nature connection into her long-standing method. This integrated, more embodied and creative approach makes my heart sing because it is my truth and I feel it in the depths of my inner knowing. I always had a sense that integration would be the key to how I worked with others and with myself and looking back, I can clearly see how everything has led to this and that the Divine timing is perfect. It feels like my grandmother and I are a team and she is with me, guiding me in this direction, assuring me that this is the natural evolution of her life's work for these current times and that I have her full support and blessing. 

So I feel empowered to move forward in this way and I am deeply honored to share with all those who feel called to learn and practice Living Crystal Clear by "releasing the old, integrating the whole, and embracing the wisdom within your soul".

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