Children's Programs

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future


- John F. Kennedy

I am passionate about working with children, pre-teens, and young adults to give them valuable tools to live life in a positive and uplifting, heart-centered way and to assist them in discovering their unique "song" in the world, what lights them up from the inside.


By the time children reach school-age, they usually have the mental capacity of discernment developed enough to know right from wrong and to understand the universal values of truth, non-violence, right action, peace, and love. Then it has been shown that between the ages of about 6 to 10 is when we are most in touch with our purpose and the innate gifts and abilities we can joyfully contribute towards the betterment of this world even if we aren't consciously aware of it at the time. It's what we feel naturally drawn to and what brings us the most joy doing.


So there's no better time to introduce to children some simple tools that can help them navigate life with more ease and more alignment to their true selves.​ So many children are being born into the world now with deep wisdom and very specific roles to play in moving this world forward into a new paradigm. But all too often, they aren't supported and are made to feel like outcasts. They need reassurance that they are valued and here for an important reason

I offer children's programs in groups, schools, and community centers adapted to the particular needs of each setting. In these programs, children learn to:

  • Use simple yet powerful symbols and practices to weed out negative beliefs and ways of being

  • Engage in fun, basic yoga postures and meditation techniques to quiet the mind and settle the body

  • Strengthen their innate connection with the natural world and develop great respect for nature

  • Develop a stronger connection to their inner source of wisdom and guidance and become more free to follow their true purpose

  • Create more ease, flow, and love in their relationship to themselves and with others

  • Positively work with difficult emotions like fear, anger, jealously, low self-confidence, etc

  • Energetically protect themselves and feel safe, secure, peaceful, and more joyful regardless of the ups and downs of daily life

  • Make decisions and find solutions that will be benefit the whole rather than selfish ego-motivations

  • Develop more kindness, compassion, and universal love through visualization practices to help others on a global scale

  • Actively balance all aspects of themselves into an integrated, aligned being

  • Gain greater access to their unique gifts and the unique way their lives can be used for the benefit of this whole world

Fun and Creativity

are woven into every aspect of how I work, especially with children. I incorporate fun props, songs, dances, writing, art, storytelling, games, and nature connection activities into teachings so the children learn with their bodies, minds, emotions, souls and imaginations.

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