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(All based on my grandmother's Method along with movement and other creative art forms)

A spring workshop tour in Europe is being planned now. Here are the dates and general locations so far. More specific information is coming very soon.

April 18-19: Netherlands

April 25-26: Belgium

May 2-3: Netherlands

May 9-10, 16-17, and possibly 23-24: Ireland 

This spring workshop tour has been postponed until it is safe to travel and gather together again.

Stay safe and healthy in all ways.

Workshop Descriptions

Aligning Creativity with Spirit:

A nurturing weekend exploration in which we will delve into our inner creative selves not just for the sake of being in the creative flow but with the intention of using these forms of expression and processes to slow down, quiet the mind, and reconnect with our natural rhythms. In doing so, we can more easily tune into what's meaningful while accessing our own connection with higher guidance to lead the way. We will also learn valuable tools for daily life to help release blocks and old unhealthy patterns and to promote greater healing and integration on all levels. This retreat joyfully weaves together meditation, visualization, movement/dance, exploring the voice through singing and storytelling, drawing, writing, and nature activities (weather permitting). No previous experience is required, this is for everyone.

Everyday Sacred Places: Inspired Nature Connection:

Time in nature always has the potential to bring us back into the awareness of our interconnectedness with all of life and our true divinity. But if we only approach the natural world with our rational thinking minds, we end up categorizing and labeling everything and essentially cutting ourselves off from the beauty and magic all around us. Nature, in all of its wondrous forms, has so much wisdom to share and is always speaking to us if we know how to listen. It is often through metaphor and symbolism. In this nourishing weekend retreat, we will enliven the conversation between ourselves and the natural world through many creative and nature immersion practices that you will be able to do at home anytime to keep the connection going. 

Living Crystal Clear:

A creative and interactive workshop sharing the origins of Crystal's grandmother's life work, the Phyllis Krystal Method, and how it evolved over a span of more than 60 years to the last book Phyllis wrote entitled Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation. Crystal will share how she's been shown to carry forward the theme of the Phoenix, a complete release of the old outdated ways of being that limit our potential to make way for a rebirth into the new ways that will move us into a new era of love and harmony on this planet. She will lead everyone through a group meditation for connecting more strongly with our higher consciousness, which holds all of the answers and security that we seek. She will continue with introducing a few more of the main symbols and techniques of the Method, including how to incorporate the body and creative practices such as songs and art into the use of these symbols . Lastly, we will have an opportunity to do a simple group "cutting of the ties" so everyone will be able to experience this powerful technique for themselves. 

Mandalas for Peace, Balance, and Harmony:

Come experience mandalas in a whole new way in this exploration of the sacred symbolism and powerful energy of mandalas to achieve more balance on an inner level as well as in our environment. Mandalas represent unity and wholeness and we will be incorporating gentle movement, song, art, and meditation first into an inner personal mandala meditation for balancing the 4 human functions of intuition, intellect, the physical senses, and emotions. Then we'll take our exploration outside to create a group nature-based mandala to honor the land and all forms of life as well as a movement-based mandala dance to offer up our prayers and intentions for a more peaceful and harmonious world. We will end the retreat with creating a personal mandala art piece that speaks to what is meaningful in our lives and what we are envisioning.

We Are So Much More Than Our Stories:

Everything we have ever experienced creates the story of our lives. What we have done, seen, heard, felt, absorbed...the story helps us learn and grow but we are not the story itself. We are like actors playing the roles in the stories. So in order to expand beyond the limited perspectives we often have of ourselves, we need to first recognize the extent to which we identify with these stories...those that we have been telling ourselves about who we are, those from other people, and the stories our culture has been telling us. The threads of these stories weave together to form a self-identity that can keep us stuck and unhappy. In this rejuvenating weekend retreat, we will join together to creatively dive into these stories to identify the restricting influence they may still be having, then honor them, and release their hold on us so we can more freely be our true Self in our daily lives, peaceful and purposeful. As much time as possible in this weekend retreat will be spent outside with nature and engaging in group rituals, visualization with archetypal symbols, gentle movement/dance, music, storytelling and art as we support each other in moving beyond our old constricting stories into unlimited possibility and joyful expansion.

I am always happy to travel for workshops so please contact me to discuss the possibilities

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