Based on my grandmother's life work

The Phyllis Krystal Method, including Cutting The Ties That Bind

Free Yourself From The Old Limiting Ways 

 To Step Into The Power, Purpose & Joy Of The Life You Were Born To Live

In the last several years of my grandmother's 102 years of life, she focused more than ever before on spreading the message of preparing for the times of great change on this planet that were coming. Her final book was The Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation, in which she wrote about how our own inner journeys of transformation are intertwined with the current global journey of transformation. Like the mythical Phoenix bird, this requires the "burning up" of old, outdated ways of being to make space for new, more balanced and harmonious ways to emerge both personally and globally. If you've felt like you don't fit in anywhere in the current ways of our society, there is a reason! You were never meant to fit into these old ways, you are meant to share your unique and much-needed voice and gifts in bringing about the necessary shifts into simpler, more sustainable ways of being in which feminine and masculine energies are balanced and the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life is acknowledged. 

This time of great change in the world is not just approaching now,

it is here.

It is time for each of us to take our rightful place and contribute our greatest gifts for this shift into a new era.

The old structures and paradigms of the past are crumbling. Intense fear, violence, and disconnection are beginning to catalyze more love and compassion in the world but it's only the beginning. There is an urgency to these times. Many are feeling it. I certainly am and it has become very clear that my purpose is to pick up where my grandmother left off and help those who feel called to step more fully into their role in ushering in this transformation through....

Woman carrying a lot of old baggage
Integration on all levels, physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual
Hands reaching out to embrace Divine wisdom

The foundation of my work in the world is my grandmother's comprehensive method explained in more detail in the Phyllis Krystal Method section below with my own unique voice and contributions, which include:

  • Embodiment - These bodies are meant to be fully inhabited as our vehicles for release, change, healing, creation, and connection. I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, dancer, and certified yoga instructor and one of my great strengths is guiding others to physically embody their truth and joy.
  • Creativity - I firmly believe that we are all artists, storytellers, dancers, music-makers, and have access to an endless source of creative inspiration if we open ourselves up to this potential. 
  • Nature Immersion - The natural world is a direct reflection of the divine self that we really are and a gateway into our place and purpose in this world. True nature immersion and communion is like coming home, a complete renewal of spirit. 

Phyllis Krystal Method

My grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, began working with her dear friend Virginia Lenney back in the late 1940s and early 1950s in the privacy of their own homes with the intention of making regular contact with their higher consciousness. They intuitively knew that this was the source of all the answers, both mundane and spiritual, that they had been seeking. They had no idea at the time what would evolve from these early meetings. Over the course of many years and with the help of many others, a comprehensive method unfolded for attuning with the infinite wisdom of our higher consciousness, which is our true Self beyond the body or mind, and removing all of the old conditioning and layers that obscure that connection. This method uses archetypal symbols and visualization techniques to reach the subconscious mind and accomplish these goals.  Numerous studies have shown that up to 95% of how we think, act, and feel is rooted in the subconscious. My grandmother used to say this part of our minds is like a computer and records every experience we've ever had and for better or worse, directs how we live our lives. This method provides practical tools for getting to the roots and weeding out the effect of any negative experiences and programming we've received that is limiting our growth and potential. I am now being shown to incorporate movement, songs and many other creative practices into the method to anchor these changes and help us to be more grounded, confident, and in the flow of life. Weaving a deeper connection with the natural world into the process is also important for these current times to heal ourselves, our ancestors, and our beloved planet.

These tools are universal and not associated with or limited to one type of person or culture or belief. Higher consciousness can be seen as Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Divine Mother, Spirit guides, or any other embodiment of God/Source. Even those who don't believe in a higher source usually recognize that there's a deeper intuitive knowing within themselves beyond the rational mind. My grandmother's spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba, would always tell the devotees not to get attached to his physical form or any other spiritual master's form but rather to find the divine counterpart within themselves and let that be their true guide. When people talk about attunement to the great Masters and to universal intelligence, this is what they are referring to...through inner attunement to higher consciousness, we have direct access to true wisdom and guidance every step of the way. It is all within.

By living in alignment with this higher guidance, which is the essence of who we truly are, we are free to live our soul's purpose and our lives can be used for our greatest growth and the highest good of all living beings since we are all interconnected. We can play our role in the uplifting evolution of consciousness on this planet. There is more joy and ease regardless of external circumstances because we are in the natural flow of life instead of swimming upstream and chasing the fleeting attractions of the material world. This doesn't mean we can't enjoy life, it just means we're no longer attached to and dependent on the material world to provide our happiness and fulfillment. Thus, our lives become simpler and more meaningful. We are all in the world at this particular time in history for a reason. We each have our own part to play, our own unique contributions to make for the greater good of all in transitioning into a new way of living on this planet in peace, harmony, balance, respect, and love for all.


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